Rotapanel: the most efficient Prismatic Variable Message Signs (PVMS)

Speed, reliability, efficiency and costs are keywords when variable message signs are needed. In addition, a clear and crisp view of
the message during day and night is a must.
High-priced LED systems can reproduce a
greater number of different messages, but in most cases a combination of 3 messages is sufficient.In such cases, Rotapanels are the
most reliable and cost-efficient solution!

If 3 different messages are not enough RotaPanel variable message signs may be subdivided into several sections, each of which is equipped with
its own motor and control.This allows you to communicate different messages on a single RotaPanel . The number of possible sections is unlimited. Carefree operation in every weather condition: RotaPanels proved to be hurricane-resistant in Florida! How reliable do you think
they will be in your local weather conditions?

Why Rotapanel?

Rotapanel displays are already up and running in more than 70 countries, and their numbers are growing steadily. Traffic authorities ­ including those in the Netherlands, Belgium, Hong Kong and Switzerland ­ are increasingly choosing Rotapanel moving signs because of their reliability.

Produced to the same standards for advertising use, Rotapanel signs are proving their quality and endurance all over the world.
Even in places where materials
and construction are tested to extremes. From Qatar (+50°C) to Russia (-40°C).